Medical Students/ Universities

Priority One Vitamins offers an additional 25% discount off of wholesale to medical students, plus our $1000 graduation special! 
Why do we offer discounted nutritional supplements to medical students
Simply put, we would like you to try our products for yourself. This experience with our product line assists you in helping future patients as a practitioner. 
And our graduation special is designed to help you get started after you complete schooling and start your practice.
Priority One products are manufactured in-house and we offer tours of our cGMP facility in Ferndale, Washington.
Tours are arranged for students twice yearly, look for your opportunity to visit. This tour is designed to help you understand what goes into the supplement manufacturing process. We discuss what it takes to produce clinical strength supplements - including ingredient procurement, laboratory analysis, mitigations and FDA requirements. 
Note: Tours are currently on hiatus during the pandemic.
Student Special
We offer 25% off of our wholesale pricing with discounted shipping of $5 to active medical students. 
Orders must be placed via to receive this special. To open a student account you will need the following information: school email, personal email, physical shipping address, mailing address, phone number and graduation date. 
Student Rewards Program
Upon graduation and conversion from a student to a physician account, you will receive an account credit totaling 25% off your total orders placed while a student. This reward is available upon request, once you have graduated, for up to 6 months. It is usable as a credit on your account for future use. 
Graduation and New Clientele Special
Let us help you start your pharmacy! Priority One will match one order up to $1,000 in free product. This is available on a one time basis, up to three years post graduation.
Educational Dispensary Special
Educational dispensaries who order directly with Priority One will also receive 25% off wholesale prices.
Current student representatives
Sonoran University Health Sciences
Kaden Kirkpatrick
University of Western States
Ahmad Sleiman
Bastyr University Washington
Brooke Collins
NUHS Chicago
now hiring!
CCNM + Boucher
now hiring!

Bastyr University California
now hiring!
Are you interested in becoming a student representative for Priority One? Contact us at 800-443-2039 for more details.