Sales Team

We are very proud of our sales team here at Priority One Vitamins, and all are passionate about contributing to the integrative medicine community.

Our group will work in partnership with innovative healthcare professionals like you to improve patient health and advance the field of Integrative Medicine.

Our dedication to providing exceptional service begins with serving our employees and their families. It is our organizational philosophy to inspire a physically, behaviorally, and emotionally healthy workplace at Priority One.


Maya Mowilos, MSC

Sales Director 

Maya’s experience in sales started in broadcast media & telecommunications. She is a double graduate of University of Washington in communications/journalism and digital marketing, also attending University of Hawaii Manoa.

She has been and continues to work as an on-air DJ and voicework actor in several states & overseas, which began at age 8.  All the while Naturopathic medicine has been at the core of her health and her three sons, including twin boys. Integrative Health played a major role in her surviving breast cancer, and nutraceutical supplements were key in recovery. She lives on a farm with her family & canine best friend.

Working with Priority One has been a great experience, especially in meeting practitioners & students who share in a vision for helping others. Her twin boys now also work for the family-oriented company, and she looks forward to all of them being a part of Priority One for many years to come.

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Dr. Lena Robertson

Sales Outreach & Naturopathic Consultant

Dr. Lena Robertson is a naturopathic doctor in Washington State. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Washington and studied acupuncture at Wu Hsing Tao School of Five Element Acupuncture. Growing up all over the world, she loved learning about natural medicine and went on to attend medical school at Bastyr University where she earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Robertson discovered Priority One while in medical school and loved how pure the ingredients are and how well they worked for her patients. She is excited to join the Priority One family to assist in sales and consulting as well as introducing other practitioners to their evolving product line.

Dr. Robertson has her online business where she focuses on natural solutions for hair health and care. She helps people get healthy hair naturally using lifestyle recommendations, advanced testing, and natural hair products.

In her free time Dr. Robertson likes to spend time traveling, hiking, cooking, reading, and being around friends and family.

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Shiana Ferraro, ND, MS, CPES

 Sales Outreach and Naturopathic Consultant

 Dr. Shiana “Shi” Ferraro is a naturopathic physician and naturopathic gastroenterology resident at Personalized Natural Medicine in Newtown, Connecticut. She earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, and her Master of Science in Acupuncture, Magna Cum Laude from the University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute. She is certified as a placenta encapsulation specialist (CPES) through the International Placenta and Postpartum Association, and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a focus in pre-naturopathic medicine from the University of Bridgeport. With a background in health care and marketing, and her heart in all things naturopathic medicine, Dr. Ferraro is now expanding her outreach to other naturopathic physicians as Priority One’s Sales and Product Consultant in the state of Connecticut.

Dr. Ferraro finds the field of naturopathic medicine to be her calling, with principles that align with her beliefs and moral standards around medicine and healthy living. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with patients, and making sure they receive the most personalized and effective natural treatment that she can provide, which includes products from Priority One! 

When she’s not working or reading up on the newest research, Dr. Ferraro likes to spend her time gardening, making home remedies and the like, listening to music, and spending time outdoors with her husband doing activities like hiking, hunting, and ice skating.

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Patrice Lynch, LMP, MS

 Sales Outreach & Sports Medicine Consultant

 I’m Patrice Lynch, born in San Francisco, raised in Hawaii & Seattle. Very excited to represent California and the Southwest region for Priority One Supplements.

I’m a Certified Massage Therapist currently employed with the City of San Francisco as Assistant Aquatic Supervisor. I’m also a swim instructor with an Aqua Therapy Clinic. My passion for swimming has enabled me to compete in long distance swims, and I recently competed in the famous Alcatraz swim.

During my training when I was in need of a recovery boost after workouts, I found Priority Zyme! This supplement was just magical and a game changer - out of 156 participants, I finished in the top 30!

Looking forward to working with practitioners and clinics in my regions, and being a part of the Priority One Vitamins family. 

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George Bynum in Memoriam 

We are so very sad to announce that our beloved and loyal staff member George Bynum passed away from a long illness on November 5, 2022 in Scottsdale Arizona.

He was a loved member of the Priority One team, and was considered one of our family members. To all that knew and loved him he was truly one of a kind.

George started working for our company in 1995, he was the face of Priority One to our naturopathic clients for many years. He was fiercely loyal to the naturopathic community and our family. He will never be replaced, and will always hold a special place both in our hearts and in our memories.

If you have special memories, pictures or stories of George you would like to share, please share them here in this group.

Sales outreach & “nifty dude”

In his words:

“I met Dan Whitman and his wife Kim, the founders of Priority One Nutritional Supplements at a Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Conference in 1990 in Seattle. I have never looked back and it was the best career move I ever made!! Almost 30 years at Priority One and I thank God every day for the opportunity to serve as a Southwest sales representative.”